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November 30, 2022   » Privacy Policy

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We at™ are very aware of the importance attached to privacy rights by those who navigate the worldwide Web. We agree that people should not have to give up their cherished rights to privacy in order to take advantage of the savings that are available to them when purchasing products and services in unique programs like those developed by Group Pricing.

When you use your group's password-protected Web site on™, you are never asked to provide any personal information about yourself. You do not need to reveal your name, social security number, or any other identifying information. The only information you need to access your group's Web site is your Group Password. You'll find your group's Group Password on the top of your Perk Card™. That Group Password was selected by your group's administrators, and was agreed to by us. Again, you'll need that Group Password to access your group Web site. It's that simple!

** You are, however, invited to become a subscriber to our email notices by using the short Subscription Form that you can get to by either using the "Subscribe" button in the middle column of the Home Page on your group's site (the page you land on when you log in), OR you can get to that form by clicking the "Subscribe" button located in the column on the left of THIS PAGE, at the bottom of that column. By using that form to submit to us your PERSONAL email address (not your work email!) you'll receive from us one automatic email message whenever the merchants or professionals on your program make new, special Web Discount Offers exclusively to your group. And, you'll never, and we mean NEVER, receive any spam from™! And we send only ONE message for every new offer--we don't "bombard" you with email notices!

The email subscriber option is available only because it will be to your advantage, as you would not be required to regularly visit the site to check for new Web Discount Offers. YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS WILL NEVER BE GIVEN TO ANY OTHER PERSON OR ENTITY UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Email addresses are kept in a database for your group for the purpose of emailing notices of new Group Discount Offers and information concerning new businesses that may join the program (not on your Perk Card™) and make Web offers available to you.**Please remember to use the Update email feature if you should change your email address!

WE UNCONDITIONALLY GUARANTEE that at no time will Group Pricing collect any personal information from group members who use their special group Web site. The only information we could collect is the email address of those who elect to provide it in order to receive automatic email messages for new Web Discount Offers by those businesses on their program. And, in those instances we will send only one email for the new offers, and will never, under any circumstances, either share, sell, lease, rent, or reveal any email addresses to any public or private person, entity, or agency!™ 2000 - 2022 - All rights reserved.