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October 2, 2022   » How The Plan Works

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What People Say

"It's true. As the person who is responsible for representing the interests of our large group membership, it is important that I show them I am seeking to promote their interests. It is required, as well, if I am to retain quality people. That's why I always try to bring new perks to our members. Our Group Discount Benefit Program, created by Group Pricing, has helped me to show our group members that we care."

Joan Volpe
Director of HR


Our unique Group Discount Benefit Programs ( GDBPs ) are FREE to your organization. Yet they are tailored to meet the needs of each particular group for which they are developed. The businesses that we invite to participate in your GDBP, based on your in-put, pay Group Pricing a small, one-time fee to participate in the Program and offer Group Discounts to your group members. This fee covers the cost of the V.I.P. Discount Cards, the design and maintenance of the Web site, and the development and administration of the Program.

Our Group Discount Benefit Program offers REAL VALUE to your group's benefit package. They and their family will save a great deal on the products and services they purchase from local businesses and professionals. By giving the group members this perk, you are letting them know that you appreciate the contributions they make to the organization. Loyal and talented individuals want to be recognized for their many contributions. Our Group Discount Benefit Program will accomplish this for you!

We have expended significant effort in designing our unique Program in order to ensure that it is simple to set up, with little time required to administer, and easy for your group members to use.

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» How Group Members Use The Program
» Our Unconditional Guarantee
» Our Customer Service

Creating A Group Discount Benefit Program

The first step in developing a GDBP is to have you choose and rate which types of products and services you would like to make available to the members of your group, and which, if any, would be unacceptable. ( We do not invite any businesses that promote tobacco, alcohol or religion.) This is done at the initial meeting with our Account Executive. At that initial meeting the Account Executive will explain to you how we proceed to secure the businesses that will appear on your Web site and on the supply of V.I.P. Discount Cards for your Program. We have provided you with a partial list of the marketing partners for your review.

The Program is so customizable that you can even integrate offers from businesses with which you may have existing relationships. Also, you can specify a particular provider of a certain product or service for us to approach as a first choice! Again, we want to tailor the Program to meet your needs.

Once you have selected the types of products and services you would desire to have in your GDBP, Group Pricing then develops and implements all aspects of your program.

The process of securing the 32 businesses/professionals for your Program will take approximately eight to ten weeks. During that time, the Account Executive will keep in contact with you in order to update you on the progress of the program.

Upon completion of this portion of the program, we will then create the V.I.P. Discount Card illustration. Your group's V.I.P. Discount Cards, which are provided to you at no cost, can be "branded" using the fonts and logos of your organization. The design process takes one week. We then send proofs to each participating business (Marketing Partner) to assure accuracy. Seven days after sending the proofs, and making any corrections noted, the cards go to print. It will take approximately three (3) to five (5) weeks for the V.I.P. Discount cards to be printed. During the time the V.I.P. Cards are at the printer, we design your group's Web site component.

The V.I.P. Cards are then to be distributed by you (the organization) to each of your group members. Each group member will receive two V.I.P. Cards so their "significant other" can have their own. This is done for convenience, as it avoids the need for exchanging the V.I.P. Card between immediate family members! They are also available to any volunteers you may have. These are ID Cards to be presented to the marketing partners participating in the program in order to receive the group pricing on the products and services that are purchased. The program also includes the creation of your own password-protected, sub-Web site here on Group Pricing's site.

The Web site and V.I.P. Discount Cards assist in promoting the offers from the Marketing Partners and provide the group members with a convenient way to access the offers.


Communicating Program Details To The Group Members

Once your GDBP has been created, we work with you, to the extent you request, to promote the Program internally and to effectively communicate to the group members information about their new Group Discount Benefit Program. However, you decide what will work best for you and the organization. We share with you elsewhere some of the possibilities in this regard.


How Group Members Use The Program

The group members will access the group pricing for the products and services on their program in several ways. First, they will visit the Web site that will be created for them to learn of the special Web offers that the Marketing Partners give them. They will do this often, because while the V.I.P. Card offers are always valid, the Web offers that are made will change throughout the program. Also, new Marketing Partners will be added to the program at different times.

However, they can voluntarily submit their E-mail address, where invited to do so on your Home Page, in order to receive an automatic E-mail message when any Marketing Partner makes a new Web Discount Offer to the group members, or to information concerning any new merchant/business that may be added to the Web site component of the Program. E-mail addresses are kept completely confidential. But, again, it is voluntary, as no information is needed to use your site other than the password you select for your program.

The group members will, in some cases, be able to make purchases on line. Additionally, they can either personally visit the business and present their V.I.P. Discount Card and purchase the product or service while there ( the usual method used), or they can call the business, identify themselves as a group member, and make the purchase by phone ( for example, with a florist).


Our Unconditional Guarantee

OUR UNCONDITIONAL GUARANTEE to you is that we will never collect any personal information from your group members, and will therefore never give any information to any other person or entity. Your members need only use the password established for your group to take advantage of the group pricing on their Web site. And no information is needed to use the V.I.P. Discount Card.


Our Customer Service
Group Pricing will be available, by phone or E-mail, to respond to questions from the group members about the Program. Also, our system is set up so you can track the results of your Program. You will be able to see which types of offers your group members are interested in and will be able to get a sense of the value your group members receive from Group Pricing's Group Discount Benefit Program.™ 2000 - 2022 - All rights reserved.