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What People Say

"I am delighted that my employer decided to participate in this discount program. I think it's the best savings program I've ever been involved in. I, and my family, use the discount offers just about every week. It's a real savings. I want to thank you Group Pricing."

Joan Benoit,
Plymouth Ed. Assoc.


Conceived and developed in 2003 by James Casson, Group Pricing is a leading developer of Group Discount Benefit Programs (GDBP) for large groups. We develop these unique perk programs for large employers, unions with large local memberships, credit unions, colleges, and other large organizations. All are eager to receive the real value provided by our programs.

A Statement About Group Pricing

GDBPs are a type of work/life benefit that give employers (or unions, and other organizations with a large member group) an advantage in attracting and retaining talented individuals. After all, leading-edge talent, loyalty, healthy morale, high productivity, and low turnover are all important considerations for Administrators, and any help that is available that will serve to achieve those qualities is welcomed by most dedicated Administrators. Our work/life solution program can play an important part to that end!

Group Pricing's Program enhances the value of the group member's benefit package by offering them an attractive "perk". The plan provides your group members with discounts and special offers on products and services from a select group of quality retailers like Firestone, IHOP, Valvoline, Subaru, Ford, Olive Garden, TGI Fridays, Panera Bread, Dunkin Donuts, Jiffy Lube, Pizza Hut, and many, many others. You can view a partial list of some of our many Marketing Partners.

Giving You The Edge

Whether your group consists of employees, union members, or members of any other organization, our GDBPs are FREE to your organization and to all of your group members! Additionally, our Program is very simple to set up and administer. Our GDBP is also completely customized for every particular group, to ensure that the program will meet the specific needs of each group. The Human Resource Manager (Administrator, union official, etc.) will give us input on the types of products and services desired for the program and will determine how best to distribute the Perk Cards™ to the group's members.

Group Pricing provides Human Resource Managers and Administrators with everything they need to promote the Program internally, as well as free, comprehensive customer service to answer questions of the group members in order to ensure a positive experience.

Simply stated, Group Pricing's GDBP provides a valuable service to both the group organization, and to retailers and professionals. The group organization gets a free, easy-to-administer benefit program that dramatically enhances any benefit package, while retailers and professionals gain a direct marketing channel into a high-value demographic that's traditionally hard to reach.

If you are a Human Resource Manager, Union Official, college or university Administrator, or other large group Benefits Manager and would like to know more about our Group Discount Benefit Program, please contact us and we'll be happy to meet with you to discuss our unique Program. More information is also provided on this site.

Contact Information

To contact a Group Pricing representative about creating a GDBP for your organization/company, simply E-mail us or call 513.255.0661.™ 2000 - 2022 - All rights reserved.