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October 2, 2022   » About The Plan

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What People Say

"I am positively delighted with the Group Discount Benefit Program created for our employees. It really is a 'Value' Plan. It allows our group members to get 'group pricing' for many of the products and services they regularly buy. Like group pricing on dry cleaning, flowers, restaurant dining, and so much more."

"The discounts offer something for everyone. Many of our members have said 'Thank You'."


A s a Human Resource Manager, Benefits Administrator, or Union Officer, you are aware of how important it is to attract and retain talented people. Also, you know how expensive it can be to replace good people who leave your organization. Naturally, then, it is important to take advantage of opportunities that can give you, as an administrator, a slight edge in recruiting, retaining, and rewarding talented individuals.

The Group Discount Benefit Programs (GDBP) that are developed by Group Pricing have been designed by us to give you that slight edge. What exactly is this Group Discount Benefit Program?

A Perk With Real Value

The GDBPs developed by Group Pricing will give you a FREE, easy-to-administer Program to offer members of your group (whether employees, union members, students, etc.) exclusive savings on a wide variety of quality products and services from both local and national retailers and professionals. Your group members will be able to receive special discounts at restaurants, beauty salons, health clubs, florists, furniture & appliance outlets, new & used car dealers, auto repair shops, mortgage companies, dry cleaners, travel agencies, auto clubs and at many other business establishments. And, these are from reputable businesses. Some of the businesses we've reatined for our programs have included Panera Bread, Midas, IHOP, Jiffy Lube, Subway, MotoPhoto, Pizza Hut, AAA, Ford, Subaru, Century 21 Real Estate, FTD Florist and National Pet Center, to name a few.

However, you decide which types of products and services you'd like to have on the program, and you can even indicate your preference for the particular local businesses you would like to have provide any specific product or service, and we'll attempt to secure them for you has your preferred provider for the product or service they provide! We’ll approach them, first, to offer them theexclusive opportunity to participate in your Group Discount Benefit Program. And, of course, you can specify which specific types of products and services you would not want in ypour program.

The Perk Cards™

The two (2) year Program is fully customizable in order to ensure that it meets the needs of each large group for whom we develop our unique Group Discount Benefit Programs. Group Pricing will provide you with the number of Perk Cards™ required by you so each group member can receive one Perk Card™. The “generic offer” made to the group members by each merchant/professional will be listed on the Perk Cards™ and will be valid throughout the two-year program.

The Perk Card™ is a wallet-sized, durable card made of a bristol/plastic, and serves as an ID card. These cards, which are supplied to you at no cost, will be used by the group members to receive the special discounts on the products and services being offered by the businesses (referred to as Marketing Partners) in your program.

The Web Site Component

Additionally, Group Pricing will create, at no cost to either the group members or the group administration, a special password-protected Web site on the site where Group Pricing will regularly post new, special Web offers that will be made by the participating businesses. These special Web offers will be different from the Perk Card™ offer made by participating businesses (which are always valid,when presenting the card). The printable Web offers can be limited in time and/or products and services by the participating businesses that are making the special Web offers for the group members.

The password that would be used by your group members is selected by you, and serves to direct your group members to their Web site within, as there are other group sites. Thus, your group members see only those merchants and professionals that are participating in your program. NO personal information is required by any group member to use their siteto obtain the special Web offers that participating businesses make to the group periodically--printable offers different from the Perk Card™ offer.

A "Win-Win" Program

Our Group Discount Benefit Programs are simple to set up and administer. We even provide, at no cost, everything you need to promote the new Benefit Program to your group membership!

We can offer this program to you at no cost because we charge the Marketing Partners a small fee to be on the Perk Cards™, and for creating their Web pages on the Web site that we develop specifically for your group.

In short, the GDBPs created by Group Pricing offer a "win-win" situation for you and your group members. The group members and their immediate family save hundreds of dollars a year on quality goods and services, while helping you gain loyalty from the group membership and a reputation for offering innovative benefits and "perks" that provide real value.

Can We Create Our Program For Your Group?

If you would like additional information about our FREE, unique GDBPs, or would like to schedule an appointment to have us visit you, E-mail us or call our office at 513.255.0661. Our address is, 9500 Haines Road, Suite 201, Waynesville, OH 45068.™ 2000 - 2022 - All rights reserved.