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October 2, 2022   » How To Use This Site

Use the Group Password that is on
your Perk Card™.

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You'll note that on your Home Page, and on the Offer Page containing the results of your category search, there is a Category Menu in the left column that you can use to view those businesses that currently have Web offers.

Simply mouse over the main category heading on the menu, and then on the slide-out you'll click the sub-category that you are interested in, and you'll be able to view the Web offers that are available in that  sub-category. Each offer has next to it a "Print Offer" link that you can use to view the actual Web offer and to print it for your use. **Please remember, though, that ALL Web offers have the same limitation unless otherwise stated. Web offers cannot be combined with other offers, they exclude prior sales, and cannot be used on sale priced items. This is the same limitation as noted on the top, front of your Perk Card™.

Please remember that many of the participating businesses and professionals on your program will be regularly changing and updating their Web offers--giving your group even better discounts than those on your Perk Card™. Additionally, we will be diligently working to add new businesses to your program-- businesses that are not on your Perk Card™. Therefore, it is important that you regularly check your site to find out about new businesses that are added to your program, and new, special Web offers that are being made to your group.

You can make it easy to keep informed of new Web offers, and new businesses with offers, by subscribing to receive our automatic email notices. By subscribing, you'll receive one automatic email (and no spam!) whenever any merchant or professional makes a new, special Web offer to your group or when any new merchant is added to your program. The email address you provide MUST be your PERSONAL EMAIL ADDRESS, which will be strictly confidential! We cannot send emails to you at work! Subscribing is easy, and can be done from your group's Home Page, which you land on when you log in. Just click the "Subcribe" button located in the middle column of that page and you'll be taken to the page that has the short Subscription form. **Please remember to use the Update email feature if you should change your email address! Also, you can "Like Us" on your Facebook page for your Perk Card™ program, and our postings will be sent to you on Facebook!! The link to your Facebook page for the program is located on the Web site once you log in. You'll see it in the middle column.™ 2000 - 2022 - All rights reserved.